Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sad ending for the novel "Allegiant" and a possible different ending?

Just finished reading all the three novels, "Divergent", "Insurgent" and "Allegiant" and I would say that the stories couldn't be more perfect. The ending was a bit sad with 'Tris' having to die in the end. Fulfilling her nature to lounge into terrible situations and coming out every time as a winner. 

She does come out as a winner after all in the end but leaves everyone around her in a very sad frame of mind. Besides the characters in the novel even the reader is set to feel a deep crushing feeling when going through the lines where she is shot two times by David. 

I still can't get over it just like Tobias couldn't get over it at first once he hears the bad news. But I suppose that was the climatic ending the a great story deserved. 

Nevertheless the more I think the more I imagine what if things were done a bit differently. In a more peaceful frame of mind. No one could have changed the thinking of GP's in a day or two. But if Tris and the gang could have directly gone down into the city telling David that they would try to talk both the parties representing "Factionless" and the "Allegiant" into making peace with each other. 

I'm definitely sure Evelyn would have listened to her son and Joannah would have given her assent to peaceful talks as well. Given the fact that the "outsiders" were going to wipe them out of their memories if they didn't comply. 

I'm sure there could be many variations of a simple solution that would have been far less dramatic as the end proclaimed to be. It wouldn't have given the final everlasting blow to the novel as it does with Tris's death but what can we say.  I just keep on thinking that the main character that I came to love in the whole story dies in the end and there was nothing I could do to stop it. (Not that I was in the story like Tobias). 

But a part of me feels just like Tobias would feel about Tris and at times I do feel like I was there inside the story with her, holding her hand and kissing her and going alongside her on all her missions.

I loved the novels. Amazing story(s).