Thursday, January 21, 2010

Do you like to imagine yourself in same situation when listening to music?

I do, sometimes. Songs are like that. The ones you really like take you to another place where you are in that song or a place in your imagination that relates to that song. I like to think of that as heaven. It's a type of heaven. After all, heaven is a place where you are happy with no worries.

Music has that tendency to make you forget your worries and dive into that huge dream world where every wish comes true and all you want simply happens the way you would like.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Baby are you down down down down down ..

The song "Down" originally sang by Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne. This Lisa Scinta chick on youtube has done wonders. Her voice has the magic.

Latest growth for RoadsOut.Com has been good.

Site is showing constant growth according to meters put forward by Alexa Rating. Still needs improvement.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Is honesty really the best policy?

I like to believe so. But the phrase does prove to be wrong in certain situations. Situations when the other person really doesn't need to know the truth and might not even like it. Which in turn results in negative behaviour towards us from them.

Sometimes I have to lie just to make someone feel better. There's no other way around it other than hurting them by telling them the truth. So I suppose not being honest in those situations is alright.

Still I prefer to be honest as much as I can be whenever the situation calls upon itself.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Some short cuts for good Alexa rating

while some may know, It's still summarize what Alexa rating really is.

It's a means of weighing and measuring the amount of success or popularity a website has at a certain point of time.

Alexa relies heavily on counting / calculating the total average number of hits towards any url / website. While Alexa might have many ways of reaching their results towards those calculations. One of the very accurate means for them to record these hits is by the ALEXA TOOLBAR plugin.

The more people use this plugin, the easier for Alexa to note with more accuracy the popularity of the websites they will go to.

While this works for Alexa, it will also in effect work for anyone who's website is being frequented with users who have Alexa Toolbar installed in their web browser.

Just ask your users to download this plugin and install it and keep visiting your website normally. You'll see exponential growth in your Alexa ratings in a matter of days.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Paint My Love - Michael Learns To Rock

I love this song.

Google Gravity: A neat trick?

Google Gravity seems like nothing but a neat trick or an April's Fool Prank only that it's not April and there's no occasion. But the fact is that Google Gravity is nothing more than a prank for the internet folk.

Go to this page, and you'll find your screen showing a fake google search page with objects first being in their place then falling down like as if there was gravity affecting them within the page.

They will fall to the ground and bounce off a few times before actually settling down. That's all there is to it.

Here's a youtube video to illustrate this,

Google real time search

Google real time search is a new phenomena taking over the internet which seems to change the way searches were made in the past.

The idea was taken from Twitter that already has a relevance based search engine in place to track related tweets with each other.

To witness this all you have to do is search for something on Google. Open "show options" tab if you haven't done it already and click on 'latest' in the left side navigation options.

Google will automatically keep updating the page with new posts relevant to your search from various micro blogs, twitter pages, facebook, myspace etc. It will be like viewing an RSS feed as it updates itself.

It's pretty interactive. As far as it's usefulness is concerned, I'll leave you to be the judge.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Using luxury cell phones is uncessary

People like to buy really expensive phones to such an extent that it becomes an obsession.

Being in the banking sector I know a few people who would have seriously expensive phones. Even then that's not enough they'd like their cell phones to be gold plated or embedded with diamonds. They get their phones customized by various gold and diamond decorators etc.

What's the point? Cell phones is an evolving technology. Every three to six months or so you get a new cell phone from the same range that completely overlaps the technology and features stuffed in your old one.

I would say it's nothing more than an obsession. A simple enough cell phone with ample features is good enough for me.

Traveling alone isn't fun

Can you imagine having to travel alone with no one to give you company all your way to which ever destination you're going? It's not a funny picture.

I mean, a few hours trip is alright to go alone. But it's always better to have a friend or two around to give company.

What are you really afraid of?

Everybody is afraid of one thing or another. When people say they're not really afraid of anything. They're obviously hiding something.

Conventional scare crows and ghosts apart anything from like losing a friend, credit rating, job or even a pet could be the most scariest thoughts for people. The point is that being scared and feeling insecure is in the nature of human beings. It's not easy to run away from this fact.

While people can make emphatic attempts at trying to 'hide' these type of emotions they're still there. Best thing one could do is to minimize the factors that could arouse such type of thoughts and events resulting in being a scare problem. Like indulging in positive activities both beneficial to health of body and soul.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Travis Pastrana makes the New Year Eve Jump

That's a pretty scary jump. He did it with ease.

The new World's Tallest Building

Burj Dubai has been identified as the new tallest building in the world which is 828 metres (2717ft) at the moment. This makes the building twice the height of Empire State Building.

At the opening ceremony, thousands of residents and tourists crowded around the base of the half-mile tall tower, which is at least 160 storeys high.

Dubai's ruler unveiled a plaque, kicking off inaugural festivities.

They included traditional Gulf Arab dance performances and skydivers with parachutes emblazoned with the colours of the UAE flag.