Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mobilink Jazz Balance share surcharge

It's funny how Mobilink charges us 6% surcharge on every balance share with our friends. When we transfer balance from our account to another friend's account, the balance that we've already bought and 'paid for' the due charges applicable on it. Then there should be no need for Mobilink to charge us extra money when we with our own will utilize it by transferring it to another friend's account.

Just to let you guys know, that Mobilink is already charging us 15% that includes taxes and what not whenever we load any amount of money in our calling account. After that our credit should be free from anything extra that we have to pay to the company since all the incurring charges were already deducted by the company at the time we loaded the credit.

Anyway, this is outrageous. I don't know what keeps this company running anymore. It's customers like us who don't switch to any other network because we've been using it forever.

I just think you guys (Mobilink Jazz) shouldn't be charging us any extra money on credit transfers/balance share.

So having known all that if you still want to go ahead and use Jazz Balance Share then her's the way:

All you have to do is type *100*Recipient’s mobile number with 92 prefix *Transfer Amount# and press ‘Send’ on your mobile screen and have fun sharing with this exciting new service. For example to transfer Rs. 200 to 0300-8361166 type:

*100*923008361166*200# (Please note that the mobile number has to be without the 0 in the prefix)

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