Sunday, November 15, 2009

I cheat on Yahoo! Chess sometimes!

It's hard to win every other time in chess even when all your plans to control your opponent fail. So for that very reason I use a pretty easy way to cheat on Yahoo! Chess to win games and satisfy my ego for a while or two.

It's easy really, all I do is open a new game in ChessMaster9000 choosing the computer as the side I'll be taking my moves. All I do is record my opponent's moves in the game and play the moves in my Yahoo! chess game that computer responds to in the other game.

It's a cool con, I read about it in a Sidney Sheldon novel once. It's the novel in which a girl cons people a lot. She meets a guy who cons peoples too, so they have a pretty nice story with each other. Forgot the name of that novel.

Anyway, it's fun and thought I would mention it too.