Monday, May 31, 2010

If any of you guys still don't know ..

Facebook is back online in Pakistan. So all you facebook junkies can just go along and login into your facebook accounts without any hassle. Next time just block or simply don't join pages you don't like okay?

Scribbling through the facebook pages it does seem that they removed a few of those fan pages on Draw Muhammad Day.

Also good thing to note that many people did not appreciate the celebration of such a day including non muslims. Simply on the notion that while free speech is a right for everyone it shouldn't extend to the limits where it becomes offensive for others.


  1. Fuckbook sucks. :P

    BTW, I'm still here Jaunty... probably your only reader, LOL!

  2. I know man ... you've always stuck by my side ...

    I'm going to have my forum up in 2 months and then we'll have a blast.

    I was thinking we could merge htmedia with roadsout forum. If you'd be willing.

    But more discussions when the forum is actually up. :P