Friday, June 25, 2010 is a real bad company

I registered from them. Now that I'm trying to transfer my domain from them to they're not helping me one bit. They don't have any customer support. I have to wait for days for a simple reply.

They suspended my ID because I wasn't willing to continue my domain with them and now when sends them a transfer authorization email they don't forward it to my email address.

This sucks. I hate them.


  1. At last I got a reply from them. They're going to wait until 1st of July and then transfer the domain. So it's going to be a few days more while my domain floats in the air.

  2. it should not be, as you told, i also run a hosting company, Domain is the propriety of a owner. not for company.

    Fozia Wahab

  3. Yea; I just got into a lot of hassle because I made the payment late after the domain expired.

    Anyway, I use now.

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