Thursday, August 26, 2010

Donate To Me In Forum Signatures?

You know, it's one thing going about asking for donations on a separate page on your website. It's alright if you put a donate to me button on overall footers of the website. I can go with that, but, the nerve of some people putting them right up into their forum signatures.

That's pretty amazing isn't it? No it's not! It's very lame and stupid.

I mean, it's not that it makes any difference to me or anyone for that matter. But I saw an admin/moderator on a very huge forum who has a donate to me button on his forum signature.

On a forum where they actually block some people's signature in certain categories so that people don't take advantage of those and use them as a form of advertisement.

So I think this is very cheap and hypocritical at best.


  1. Your right, it doesn't make sense. It makes the admin/mod look desperate, which is worse than standing on the street corner with a sign that says "will work for food". Well, if you'll work for food, why don't you go out and find a job! Damn... but regardless, if you give them money all they'll buy is alcohol or cigarettes. I guess that's a different story though.

  2. hehe yea ... I'm talking about the phpBB forums man. Some of their admins are weird.