Saturday, July 21, 2012

Who are we trying to please?

With the advent of Ramazan, people stop consuming food throughout the day. Suddenly become religious and adhere to everything and anything that is remotely is lines to religious conundrum. All of a sudden everybody is a good human and even a sudden thought of doing something awefully remote that is out of the scope of religion becomes such a vanity in the eyes of others.

where is god

Ramazan, such a blessing for us lets us be free of the sinful lives we have been living the whole year and now we are good human beings. We are suddenly in a shell packed with all the good and all the bad is no where to be found in the new boundary that we have set up in our life. This goes on till the end of the month. Slowly and maturely people start getting tired of the continous labour with no supplication to provide them energy throughout the day.

Some of them start missing Travih's which they pledged to never miss ever in their lives again in the start of Ramazan. People start longing for the days when there will be no obligation on them not to drink a glass of water througout the day. Some even break a few fasts out of weakness or inability to comply with the hardships of pratical religion when it comes to facing the daunting challenges of the 21st century.

All that is well and good since God only looks at our actual intentions and can see through our so call spiritual hearts. We know that God knows that we are trying to do our best to please Him and doing our best  to do what is best in the path of our religion. But, wait, we are trying to please God, right? So the question that arises in my mind is, what if no one around you was a muslim. No one wanted to pray or fast in the sense you understand it. What if as oppossed to the generally accepted tradition it was NOT a tradition at all.

What if fasting wasn't known to anyone  and people would think you're crazy and would want to put you in a hospital for worst of a mental facility for commiting such an act.

Again, the quetsion is, would you do the same thing you're doing right now in being such a good muslim to please your society? Oh, I mean, your God, sorry? Would you still do what it takes to please God? Are we even pleasing God when we pray or fast? Is it about self belief? Just belief and it is? Then why can't we believe that God is pleased in any act that we do no matter good or bad as long as it pleases us? What's so wrong in that?

Have a nice Ramazn folks. :)

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  1. If God is Kind to us and giving us a chance to improve then why not to try it rather than thinking of pleasing your nafs because it has to now control itself from things it has being doing all year .

    plus its not necessary people are fasting because they want to please society , you cannot judge anyone's intention . one is only responsible for his/her own acts .

    rest i agree our acts should be the same throughout the year not just this month .What is good is good and what is bad is bad .

    above all God knows better . lets not confuse something that is simple .