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Suzie got a bit weak

I've been tying her up near a place where she got a good load of sun during the day which wasn't at all what she needed at this time of year.

I'm usually off to work and didn't realize she'd had to bear some a lot of heat at particular intervals of the day. I haven't been able to get her cage done at the moment so this was her temporary little space.

I'm so upset with myself and feel really sad for the poor animal for having done this to her. I only realised she had to bear such heat while I was home on this weekend and saw how miserable she was during the day.

Rottweilers can heat up pretty easily and it's harder for them to vent it off because of this black n tan coat.

But I'm tying her to a place now where she'll have shade throughout the day and she felt better today.

Hope she improves with the days to come.

Mobilink Jazz Balance share surcharge

It's funny how Mobilink charges us 6% surcharge on every balance share with our friends. When we transfer balance from our account to another friend's account, the balance that we've already bought and 'paid for' the due charges applicable on it. Then there should be no need for Mobilink to charge us extra money when we with our own will utilize it by transferring it to another friend's account.

Just to let you guys know, that Mobilink is already charging us 15% that includes taxes and what not whenever we load any amount of money in our calling account. After that our credit should be free from anything extra that we have to pay to the company since all the incurring charges were already deducted by the company at the time we loaded the credit.

Anyway, this is outrageous. I don't know what keeps this company running anymore. It's customers like us who don't switch to any other network because we've been using it forever.

I just think you guys (…

5 ways to kill boredom

There comes a time in the day or a week when you feel there's nothing important happening on that would make life just a little interesting for you. You don't really know what to do or where to start so that you could come out of that bored feeling.

Well, here's a few things I try for myself that really work!

1 - Listen to some good music.
Listening to music really helps you relax and forget about the problems of the world. Just dig into your favourite music that you like ever so often to listen to and start relaxing.

2 - Call a friend.
Just make a call to a friend and see what he/she is doing. Make some plans with them and do something fun.

3 - Start texting people.
Start texting people about anything you want. Even if it's to bug'em. But make sure you don't bug them too much. Just enough to leave some space for the next time. ;)

4 - Watch the latest movie out there.
It's always fun to see the latest and hottest movie on the…

Some people love their money too much!

This dedicated customer actually tackled a Bank Robber while he was in the bank. It was either that he was just so selflessly bent on to protect other people from getting injured or he simply didn't want any of his money being taken from the bank.

Not to mention the countless hours of waiting as a hostage once the robber is confined inside the bank with the police outside.

We'll be getting new layouts!

I've noticed there's a way to actually use your self created custom layouts and import them into blogger.

I'll certainly be looking forward to this and you might be seeing my older layouts for the sites I had on my blogger versions. :)

Not soon though.