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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Y!TunnelPro Forum Guidelines

I visit Y!Tunnel Pro's forum, just out of habit, not that there's anything important going on other than a little chit chat from the same old regular forum folk that generally frequent there.

Every now and then their Forum Guidelines are bumped / highlighted again in the announcements section just to make sure that people are following the guidelines properly and nothing out of the ordinary happens there.

Sometimes I get excited seeing the announcements section highlighted thinking there might be a new build or at least another hope of something new happening on the forum. But alas, it's the bumped up forum guidelines post.

So I thought it might be a good thing to mention it on my blog and even provide you guys (since there's such a need to keep it highlighted and be read again and again by the people/forum members before they can post) with a link to the page with the guidelines so that you're sure to read and follow the rules whenever you're on the Y!TunnelPro forums.

Y!Tunnel Pro Forum Guidelines.

Anyway, it's been great knowing and using this program for a while. But what can you do, Yahoo! Chat's pretty much dead either way, with or without Y!Tunnel Pro.