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The kill order by James dashner

Read the book a few days ago and basically it tells about a few events before actually the Flare Virus broke free rampant on the world.Describes how the government actually spread the initial virus so that they could kill enough people in the world for it to be able to support the rest. Since the resources were scarce and all.It was a stupid idea altogether and I would never support that anyway. Killing half of the planet so the remaining half can survive?Strong will survive anyway and weak will succumb to the hardships so they should have just waited it out.So anyways there was a lot of killing and turns out that Teresa was one of the first people to be discovered as an immune to the virus.A group of four people set out to protect her too in the midst of their own efforts to survive where everything seems impossible. Too many people die but they are able to send her off through the flat trans (flat transportation through a portal from one place to another) but die in the end.It was h…

The Death Cure (The Maze Runner) ending!

I would have to say that reading the trilogy things felt very natural and the flow was good.I was so interested in the novel that I finished the books in a week. Although I felt at times that other characters were not explained as much at times. Which is completely fine as it is completely up to the author as much as he wants to describe his creations.Thomas played a very heroic part in the first novel but I kept on expecting same kind of special deeds from him that would make me jump up from my seat but unfortunately that didn't happen.Still Thomas as a character was amazing and did everything right. Can't say there was anything wrong with him at all.I was hoping Teresa and Thomas would have reconciled after a certain point of time. Even if they didn't I was okay with it but the way she died in the end seemed as if the novel was being climaxed in a hurry.Would have been a much happier ending if she had lived. Poor girl though.Otherwise ending was perfect. It was obvious t…

Not wanting to sleep

I always have this wish of not wanting to sleep staying awake and procrastinating over different stuff. Doesn't matter if it is going to be useful or not.Then I give up and sleep.

Been watching Big Bang Theory

It seems as if though the show was made for smart people but I think in reality its for dumb people or for guys who have been geeks in their lives and found it hard to cope with social life.Gets really confusing sometimes to relate the show to anything. But it is good fun to watch though.

Far cry 4

Far Cry 4 Gameplay Trailer E3 2014: Release Date,…:
Going to be an awesome game! Its going to be open worlr and upto 4 player co op.

My thoughts on Twitch

I suppose video sharing sites like youtube do have thier legacy but twitch is doing a wonderful job.
Its almost like watching a live broadcast on television.
Twitch isnt the only service for real time video streaming but since I have been watching mostly twitch so I thought I would share a few words.
Its mostly based on games. I like watching GTA5 online. I don't play the game online but its fun to watch others play. Besides there is a chat room so people get to chat and enjoy the show.

Eye doctor

An eye-doctor was having his 40th birthday, and gathered lots of friends and family in his house. His wife had made him a surprise cake, and led her husband blindfolded to a table where the cake was placed. Eagerly the doctor removed and looked down on the cake, and immediately burst into a crazed laughter, for there in front of him was a huge cake, with 40 marzipan eyes! The guest, asked him why he laughed, and after some minutes of laughing and whipping his eyes, the doctor said:"I'm just thinking of my buddy who will be 50 next week, who is a gynecologist! "

Sleepy before work?

It's funny that if we have an off day we will have more energy to stay awake and do more stuff to pass time.
Some people could be the opposite but I dont like to sleep unless it is absolutely necessary and I can't go on at all.
But when comes the time for work I feel tired and unwilling to go for some odd reason.
Suppose that's human nature.


Teacher: "Where were you yesterday? Were you sick? " Me: "Yeah, I was home with Clinomania." Teacher: "Oh, OK. Excused."
Clinomania:(n) The excessive desire to stay in bed

Try to understand

Jesus saw a crowd chasing down a woman to stone her and approached them. "What's going on here, anyway?" he asked. "This woman was found committing adultery, and the law says we should stone her!" one of the crowd responded. "Wait," yelled Jesus. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Suddenly, a stone was thrown from out of the sky, and knocked the woman on the side of her head. "Aw, c'mon, Dad..." Jesus cried, "I'm trying to make a point here!" Sent from Funny Jokes

Agent Carter and the new season for Marvels

I dont think I would be able to digest eight episodes based on just agent carter. Sure she is good loooing and everything but still how muh if a story can you twist based on one character.
Even the first season looked a little bit on the low budget side because we didnt get any appearances from the main characters.
I would prefer seeinf more of agent colson and his team. Agent is the only actor that I basically like in tge whole series since he seemed authentic enough as in reminds you if someone you know from the Marvels movies.

Will Gram and Hannibal eating human flesh?

The second season has taken a nice fold where it seemed that Will shared food that seemed human flesh. Otherwise Hannibal would have known.Will is trying to get close to hannibal but to achieve what really? Does he want hannibal to come forward and commit a murder in front of him and then to expose him to the whole world?
if so then Hannibal usually likes to watch others killing other people so this might not work out perfectly for Will.

Twitter more fun than facebook

I think twitter is a much more faster way of communicating your thoughts and you don't give up too much of your life and past history in order to do that.
Its quick to make an update which doesnt really have to be about your life.

Just finished "Bioshock Infinite: Episode 2"

Oh my God! Just when you thought ending for Bioshock Infinite was enough of a huge Twist Around! There we have it, Episode 2 has taken the game onto a whole new level of "Awesome".

It turns out that Elizabeth goes back into a time Rift to save Sally, the little sister who was trapped down there when she wanted to teach one of the worst Comstocks a lesson of his life. Upon going down there she finds that she actually died right after Booker got attacked by "Big Daddy". He ended up killing the poor girl/woman as well. Which was sad.

Now for some odd reason if she goes to the same time shift / tear where she died. In doing so, she loses all her special abilities and can't open new tears. Because she has disturbed the natural universal laws of some kind. Who knows what's the science behind the whole drama!

In short, she has to do a few things before she can get the sunken building to surface, for Atlas so that he can free the little sister, using a Time Travel…

Sad ending for the novel "Allegiant" and a possible different ending?

Just finished reading all the three novels, "Divergent", "Insurgent" and "Allegiant" and I would say that the stories couldn't be more perfect. The ending was a bit sad with 'Tris' having to die in the end. Fulfilling her nature to lounge into terrible situations and coming out every time as a winner. 
She does come out as a winner after all in the end but leaves everyone around her in a very sad frame of mind. Besides the characters in the novel even the reader is set to feel a deep crushing feeling when going through the lines where she is shot two times by David. 
I still can't get over it just like Tobias couldn't get over it at first once he hears the bad news. But I suppose that was the climatic ending the a great story deserved. 
Nevertheless the more I think the more I imagine what if things were done a bit differently. In a more peaceful frame of mind. No one could have changed the thinking of GP's in a day or two. But if…

Everything is not possible

No! That is right, it's just not. No matter how many times we think about it, reason, assume, all possibilities for everything that can possibly happen at a given point of time can't happen because we don't have the control over all the factors that make forward a situation most forthcoming.

So, for the ones who can't control all factors that contribute towards the design of a certain situation, everything is not possible.

But what if someone else does has this power, control, the ability to balance and imbalance whatever seems fit or doesn't. Or what if everything just happens randomly and no one controls it. It just happens, stroke of good or bad luck defines all the outcomes. If that is true than what is the purpose of writing this blog, it is just a course of random actions, a few keystrokes here and there. Written in a sequence and they mean something to some and written without any sequence - could they mean something to some too?