The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild – What Is Hinox?

Hinox is a big ogre that appears in the Legend of Zelda Super Bowl commercial around 18 seconds in to the video.

It seems to be the biggest and baddest enemy that you might find in the game and this is the latest version of the monster that we can see in the gameplay.

He has got a big array of bombs that he uses to kill and hurt you in the game. Good thing we don't have those type of Cyclops in real life!

Rocket League is getting its own range of toy cars

Psyonix the company behind Rocket League is finally taking the game up to a new level where they are introducing Toy Cars which are going to be representing the actual cars in the game. 

Twelve different car models will be going on sale, including Octane, Dominus, Masamune, Hotshot, Grog, X-Devil, Merc, and Backfire, as well as four “limited variants.” Each car comes in its own miniature Rocket Ball, and Psyonix says there will be unique in-game content downloadable with each purchase. Prices and exact availability for the cars are still unknown
But this is definitely good news for collectors as they will having something to add to their whole list of inventory. 

The PS4 will support external hard drives in upcoming update

It seems that people at Sony have finally realized that it's probably easier for users to use external Hard drives instead of upgrading hard drives all the time. Which most people are not comfortable doing anyway.

This is a feature that Xbox Users already have had for some time now. I believe Sony was banking on the fact that it's probably much easier to replace hard drives on PS4 so people would just do it anyway.

But still it's seems like a complicated process for many users who purchase consoles for ease of use rather than having to physically unscrew the hard drive, back it up and then install new software on it to make it usable.

The Martian by Andy Weir

I'm not really sure what to say about this book other than that it's very good. I could not always get the whole science but. The way the things were going. But Andy does explain everything in lay man's terms so it does make sense most of the times.
It was nice to see that the technology that was talked about sounded like it was possible and not from too many years in the future.
I was hoping there would be a green awesome looking Martian queen too bit that wasn't going to happen.
I saw a video on YouTube that they ate going to make a movie on this as well. I'm sure it's going to be an award winning movie.
It was amazing to find out that with many things going against you one could still find the faith to keep on fighting and survive. It was almost as if the character knew he was going to survive in the end.

"Influx" could there be things we are missing ..

I wonder why this novel isn't as famous as it should have been but i did like it. The fact that there is high end technology that we can only think of but it's not yet allowed to be available to general public makes you wonder if that is actually true in the real world as well.I tend to think there is always something that is held back from the society but it could be limited and not on that much of a grand scale as shown in the book. We have to consider the economical factors as well. Huge organizations have the means to distribute new technology and are always looking to get ahead with the competition. So they would do anything to ensure a proper distribution of technology. But still there could be forces like the BTC controlling the world technology or information secretly.Maybe that could explain the alien phenomenon as well. I always believe it's a bunch of hoax and it is a concept used to cover up or show people something that they are not supposed to understand.

The kill order by James dashner

Read the book a few days ago and basically it tells about a few events before actually the Flare Virus broke free rampant on the world.Describes how the government actually spread the initial virus so that they could kill enough people in the world for it to be able to support the rest. Since the resources were scarce and all.It was a stupid idea altogether and I would never support that anyway. Killing half of the planet so the remaining half can survive?Strong will survive anyway and weak will succumb to the hardships so they should have just waited it out.So anyways there was a lot of killing and turns out that Teresa was one of the first people to be discovered as an immune to the virus.A group of four people set out to protect her too in the midst of their own efforts to survive where everything seems impossible. Too many people die but they are able to send her off through the flat trans (flat transportation through a portal from one place to another) but die in the end.It was h…

The Death Cure (The Maze Runner) ending!

I would have to say that reading the trilogy things felt very natural and the flow was good.I was so interested in the novel that I finished the books in a week. Although I felt at times that other characters were not explained as much at times. Which is completely fine as it is completely up to the author as much as he wants to describe his creations.Thomas played a very heroic part in the first novel but I kept on expecting same kind of special deeds from him that would make me jump up from my seat but unfortunately that didn't happen.Still Thomas as a character was amazing and did everything right. Can't say there was anything wrong with him at all.I was hoping Teresa and Thomas would have reconciled after a certain point of time. Even if they didn't I was okay with it but the way she died in the end seemed as if the novel was being climaxed in a hurry.Would have been a much happier ending if she had lived. Poor girl though.Otherwise ending was perfect. It was obvious t…