Thursday, September 12, 2013

Just finished reading "Under the Dome" by Stephen King

As I expected the idea as grand as the one we have in Under the Dome never ceased to amaze me until the end. The fact that people can bring their own end when they're trapped and power hungry mongers want everything for themselves has been proven so beautifuly in this novel that no one can deny it.

The idea that the dome can't be destroyed by humans also resolutely proclaims the fact that we can't always control every situation so thus have to make the best of the situation at hand instead of making things worse for us.

It's nice to believe that there are beings out there much more powerful and we might actually be a small play pen in their world or like a toy but I wouldn't just want to go in that direction unless I saw something to change the way I think.

Either way, a very good book to read, certainly opens up your mind about the world and the possibilities and the imagination of the author never ceases to amaze me.

I loved the character of Big Jim, even though he was a villian, but seemed to be a man of a soft heart for the Lord as well, at times. I liked the way he used to pray even though it felt sometimes he was blurting out simple orders to God. Nevertheless a man who kept the Lord in his heart, even till the last moments of his life.

All the characters were pictured with huge clarity. Although I would have hoped the main hero of the novel, "Barbie" had a bigger role to play other than having been locked up in a cell for most of the time.

Again goes on to prove that one person alone cannot change the fate of everyone, it was the whole town or the combined efforts of many indivuals that saw them through.

Fire came from the propane tanks up on the Radio Station, which was a nice addition to the  climax of the story. A way for Stephen King telling us that I don't have to write out a whole scene in order for you to understand the background story. Which was good in its own way.