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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Anybody searching for Y!TunnelPro?

Well, the forum and the website have been down for days. The forum was deactivated for at least a month before the whole website collapsed. There never really have been any huge updates in the last 3/4 years.

Originally I had stated that "I hope it stays down for good" which was just being sarcastic. But I don't really care about the software because I hardly go into chatrooms anymore. Plus as long as I remember since when they have launced 3rd version the program has had a lot of bugs and it was sick to use it anyway.

Hoy es martes 10 de Enero 2012 y sitio de Y!TunnelPro es murio otra vez. Para verificar todos el diaz puede usarlo está sitio Gracias.

(Today is 10th Jan, 2012 and Y!TunnelPro website is down again. For verification any day you can use this link Thanks.)

Note that the image used in this post for Y!Tunnel is not the original. I made it myself from the ground up and there was no copying done. It can be used freely by anyone who wishes to do so. They can even edit it and make it a small piggy if they want to. If somebody asks where you got this image please link back to this article. Thanks. Jaunty :)