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I ca' make yo bed rock

Lil Wayne, Gudda Gudda, Nicki - Bed Rock .mp3Found at bee mp3 search engine

The girl has a funny accent is a real bad company

I registered from them. Now that I'm trying to transfer my domain from them to they're not helping me one bit. They don't have any customer support. I have to wait for days for a simple reply.

They suspended my ID because I wasn't willing to continue my domain with them and now when sends them a transfer authorization email they don't forward it to my email address.

This sucks. I hate them.

RoadsOut.Com is going to be back soon

I know its down at the moment. That's not a problem. I've just been a little late on the dues. ;). But the good thing is that it's going to be back with full force. With the old database, updated and completely equipped with the old forum that we used to run.

Only a few days, at most a week. I am so excited!

I really like this indian song - Sajnaa from Lamhaa movie

Beautiful lyrics and so lovely. A bit sad though.
Mika & Chinmayi [www.Krazy - 04 - Lamhaa - Saajnaa (www.kra .mp3Found at bee mp3 search engine

One reason to go back in time

nuff said ..

What does this remind you of?

Been playing this game again, was fun.
Tiberian Sun Firestorm

Ronan Keating - When you say nothing at all

Ronan Keating - When You Say Nothing At All .mp3Found at bee mp3 search engine

I've been playing with Kitties

These kitties and their mother has been with us for a while now. She is just so persistent on not leaving our house. When she gave them a month ago, she always used to find a way to come inside our house in order to protect her children.

I used to let her in anyway, not that I liked it, but because her kittens were just so young and fragile then.

They're pretty big now compared to what they were a month ago.

Cat's got her own nook now outside in our yard so they live there. Funny thing is, I somtimes feed her dog food and she loves nibbling in on it.

Uploading three images - bear with me

These images are going to be used in RoadsOut.Com template. Needed somewhere safe to host them. What better place than Blogger? :P