Tuesday, November 21, 2023

The Challenges of Online Platforms in Pakistan: A Look at Wise and Scamming

In recent discussions on the r/Pakistan subreddit, users have raised concerns about the challenges faced by online platforms in Pakistan, particularly in the context of Wise, a popular international money transfer service. The thread delves into issues such as account closures, potential scams, and the broader impact on the Pakistani online community. This article aims to explore the key points discussed in the thread and shed light on the challenges faced by both users and online platforms in the country.

Wise and Account Closures:

One user in the subreddit shared their experience of receiving an email from Wise, notifying them about the closure of their account in February 2024. The user expressed confusion, as they claimed to have used the service legitimately and not for any illegal activities. According to the user, Wise attributed the account closure to a vast number of scammers in Pakistan, leading to the decision to close all personal and business accounts from the country.

This revelation sparked a discussion among other users, with some expressing concern about the potential impact on the broader Pakistani community. However, it's essential to note that the claims made in the subreddit thread are anecdotal, and there is no official confirmation from Wise regarding a blanket closure of all Pakistani accounts.

Government Policies and International Platforms:

Several users in the thread pointed out that the absence of international payment gateways such as PayPal in Pakistan is not solely due to individual scams but also related to government policies and compliance issues. Some users argued that Pakistan's banking infrastructure, coupled with bureaucratic red tape, hinders the smooth operation of international platforms in the country.

It's crucial to acknowledge that international companies often assess the regulatory environment and potential risks before deciding to operate in a new market. In some cases, the lack of clarity in regulations or concerns about fraud and money laundering may deter these platforms from offering their services in certain countries.

The Impact on Online Transactions:

The absence of widely recognized international payment gateways and money transfer services can pose challenges for Pakistani users engaged in online transactions, freelancing, or e-commerce. Users often resort to alternative methods, including unconventional payment gateways and direct bank transfers, which may not be as secure or efficient.

The Need for Financial Inclusion and Awareness:

The discussion in the subreddit highlights the need for financial inclusion and awareness among Pakistani users engaging in online transactions. The challenges faced by users on platforms like Wise underscore the importance of adhering to ethical practices and complying with international regulations to avoid negative consequences for the broader community.


The conversation on the r/Pakistan subreddit sheds light on the challenges faced by Pakistani users and online platforms in the realm of international transactions. While anecdotal experiences indicate issues with platforms like Wise, it's essential to consider broader factors such as government policies, regulatory environments, and financial literacy.

Moving forward, fostering a conducive environment for international platforms and promoting financial awareness can contribute to a more robust and secure online ecosystem for Pakistani users.

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