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Everything is not possible

No! That is right, it's just not. No matter how many times we think about it, reason, assume, all possibilities for everything that can possibly happen at a given point of time can't happen because we don't have the control over all the factors that make forward a situation most forthcoming.

So, for the ones who can't control all factors that contribute towards the design of a certain situation, everything is not possible.

But what if someone else does has this power, control, the ability to balance and imbalance whatever seems fit or doesn't. Or what if everything just happens randomly and no one controls it. It just happens, stroke of good or bad luck defines all the outcomes. If that is true than what is the purpose of writing this blog, it is just a course of random actions, a few keystrokes here and there. Written in a sequence and they mean something to some and written without any sequence - could they mean something to some too?


  1. Well, it depends on how you define "possible". :)


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