Saturday, December 5, 2009

Selling a Laptop

My good friend who is my boss as well wanted to sell his Sony Vaio Dual Core processor laptop a month back. So he asked me if I wanted to buy it. Knowing that it was a little expensive and my boss would want to get the most out of me simply gave me no choice but to decline his offer.

But I couldn't do that directly, since he was my boss and wouldn't like it that way. So I gave him another suggestion about selling his laptop. I told him I'll help him sell his laptop ask a few of my friends.

I also gave him an awesome idea about posting an Ad on a free classifieds website. He didn't know anything about it so asked me to post an Ad for him.

I kindly did that because it seemed simple enough for me and also would score some good points if it worked.

Lucky me, it started working right away. He got a few calls next day and was pretty happy about the results.

Turns out he decided no to sell in the end and asked me to delete the Ad. He got tired of the repeated calls he'd been getting from interested buyers.

Anyway, it worked out is what really matters in the end.

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