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Wikileaks sucks!

I think the whole Wikileaks deal is a bunch of B.S. Why? Not because the stories in it might not be true. But because I think it's all about political propaganda. Making people aware of some facts about selective people/governments to achieve some unknown objectives.

Besides I'm least bit interested in politics. I'd rather be watching a movie or something instead of wasting even a minute of my time on that website.

That's my advise to anyone. Don't waste your time around things that don't affect you directly. Do something useful with you time. If you can't do useful stuff with your time, at least don't involve yourself in something that doesn't have positive affects on your brain!


  1. Yeah I totally agree, I just really don't think there is anything positive to gain by reading (or even publishing)all this governmental 'gossip'. IMO it's pathetic, even.

  2. you are the first one who give out this fact...I really hate that site...we all know that every government in this world has good and bad sides...but some secrets, sometime they have to to have it in order to protect their own people like every country have their own agency like fbi, cia etc..just different names than in usa...but man...wikileaks is really ruin people life believe it or now...I am glad that amazon banned them...I don;t know why is accepting the site on their server...!it should be shutdown already...

  3. I only searched for it once and I'm just not into political b.s. and thats why I didn't want to have anything to do with that.


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