Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding an unroyal piece of crap!

I have a few questions for all the people who watched Royal Wedding and the whole T.V Fiasco.

What difference do those two make in your life? Other than getting roads blocked and being on the news all the time with their fake smiling faces.

I'm sure they're going to be happy and all that with their marriage, which is good. But how is that going to make you happy in your life?

Can they make your job a better job? Can they get you a better car? Can they tell you everything is going to be alright if things are not going good for you?

No they can't.

So when someone makes no difference in your life or affects you in any way, why bother? 


  1. man, this is very true...!

    The different between my wedding and that crappy wedding is that smiles on faces...we are happier before and after wedding! now that what I call unroyal happy wedding...hahaha

  2. haha man ... funny thing is people in Britain really adore their princes and royal family.

    I had cousin go to tanzania a month or so ago with some britsh folk as in colleagues and they actually got dressed up on the wedding day to watch the celebration on television ... not my cousin though ... but lol it was hilarious to hear about that

  3. not as much as in Thailand me...we love and adore our Royal Family than anything else...if anyone insults royal family (just even writing blog etc...), they will be jailed up to 15 yrs...Thai people and Thai royal can kill but you can't touch or insult or look's in our blood bro...

  4. oh here another one...I hope they give him pardon because he could be dead in jail...many of prisoners insulting case will not survive, they can be killed by inmate and body just disappear...

    You know why I commented on your post about races etc...people can have all freedom they want but you can't get into someone else business and can do whatever you want on your facebook page but don't you dare to criticize or do anything against anyone else especially you are not even nearly good as they are...Wikileaks should learn about this hahaha

  5. They sound like a bunch of a**holes to me then man. If they're really that good then they should be able to take the heat as well when people want to say bad stuff about them.

    It's not fair to get people killed for saying something bad about them.

    I think they get jailed in Saudi Arabia / U.A.E as well for saying stuff against the officials!

  6. I definitely agree with you on this one, thank you for sharing this.