Monday, June 20, 2011

I'll wait for that day

I know you think of me sometimes even if it is for a fraction of a second. In the while you try to forget about me again. Although there is a portion of your heart that holds the thoughts and memories about me. You have hidden them so deep that you don't even realize they are there.

You don't want me around, even though you would like my company sometimes. You think about those magical days, when we used to be together. It wasn't something special, but it wasn't something ordinary either. I won't come back in your life. I know it's not to be. But I would still remember you, never forget, just like I promised.

That is the way I am, not caring, but still caring enough. You might be with someone else now, I know. But that deep nook in your heart is still empty. It loathes for my company. You know there's a space that needs to be filled. No matter how much you ignore, how much you tempt yourself with the trivialities of life, it won't be filled. It will make you think, it will make you want to come back.

One day will make you realize, that you were wrong, but I know you had no choice. You will see me that day. I will say that day, I understand, with a smile. Understanding will I be and then you will come to me. I will embrace you. That will be the day of redemption. That will be the day of judgment. That will be the last day of one life and the beginning of a new story, which will last for ever.

I will wait for that day, so will you, even though you might not realize it yet. 

Ton amour est dans le monde pour moi


  1. In the book "Bridges of Madison County" that day never comes.

  2. I tried to make a search, is it a sentenceof a chapter in that book? I couldn't find it. :P

  3. No, actually your story seems like the actual story of the book. Robert Kinkade waits for that day too, but it never comes :( .

    So who is it your waiting for?

  4. No, I never read that book. Although sounds like an interesting book now.

    It was just an emotional thing.. a girl obviously. But nothing too serious. I'm over her.

  5. Even if your not, its best to pretent that you are.

  6. so i've been told :)