Friday, January 13, 2012

Reaching for the Moon

There are times when I am sitting and your thought comes to mind. I know it has been so long and you might not even know where I am, if I ever existed. But my heart reaches for you whenever your thought comes to my mind.

I wish I had magic, I wish I had some power over you or this world to change things the way I wanted to. I wish I could get close to you, like I wished, like you probably wished once too even for a little while. Even though I know how things are, life is real, it's not about dreams but still I like to dream.

If I ever find you back into my life, if you ever catch my sight even for a while, I hope it lasts forever. Even if it doesn't I will make it last inside me as long as I am alive.


  1. why wait, why dont you reach out?

  2. Basically its an attempt towards prose writing. But the concept is that The Moon is too far out to reach and hidden behind the clouds. I should have mentioned that but I thought the picture would have illustrated that.

    Good day. :)