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"Influx" could there be things we are missing ..

I wonder why this novel isn't as famous as it should have been but i did like it. The fact that there is high end technology that we can only think of but it's not yet allowed to be available to general public makes you wonder if that is actually true in the real world as well.

I tend to think there is always something that is held back from the society but it could be limited and not on that much of a grand scale as shown in the book.

We have to consider the economical factors as well. Huge organizations have the means to distribute new technology and are always looking to get ahead with the competition. So they would do anything to ensure a proper distribution of technology.

But still there could be forces like the BTC controlling the world technology or information secretly.

Maybe that could explain the alien phenomenon as well. I always believe it's a bunch of hoax and it is a concept used to cover up or show people something that they are not supposed to understand.


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